440 lbs inclined bench press machine – Penkkipunnerrus

In this video

http://www.bench-pressing.com | http://www.penkkipunnerrus.fi

100 kg per side, totalling 200 kg’s, plus the weight of the machine.

Own weight 195 lbs – 88.5 kg.


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  1. its a leverage machine, you dont add weight for that! silly. Its actually easier to achieve higher weights on machines, free weights use more core and stabilizing muscles. Still beast tho and still a good workout to do.

  2. Awesome lift, ignore all these know it all poser trolls that argue otherwise… To them I say no shit, of course the machine provides a mechanical advantage of leverage, but it still takes an immense amount of power to be able to perform this feat. Kudos for the Fear Factory track in the background too \00//


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