160 lbs x 4 – dumbbell bench press – Penkkipunnerrus

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Learn how to bench press more: http://www.bench-pressing.com/benchpressing-instructions

160 lbs – 71 kg x 4 dumbbells. Own weight 195 lbs – 88.5 kg.

Little shaky, but at least don’t have to guess how those huge weights feel.

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  1. how do u do to avoid stretch marks in ur shoulders and chest?? I tried to lift as much as u do, but suddenly from one month to this day my skin got fucked up as the muscle was growing

  2. If you grow very fast, you will get stretch marks; I hovewer did not, so my skin got time to settle on the bigger muscles. I also think some tend to have marks more easily than others.

  3. re do the video and make sure the spotter is under your triceps not on top it looks like he's helping you and go lower then your good not hatting but it looks dumb


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