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As requested by some, I tried to do as many pushups as I could. Keeping the reps clean, this was tougher than I would have guessed. Reaching 100 reps with correct form and clean reps is really an outstanding achievement. Still waiting to see that video here on Tube 🙂

btw, around 30 seconds I realized I could clock my 1 minute record, so I picked up the pace. (It might look like I speed up the video, now that I look at it, but it’s not the case, I can assure you 🙂 And even still, getting 100 reps in 1 minute is absolutely crazy!

Thanks for Ronald Jenkees for great new tune!

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  1. @Babar Khan Javed go to my channgel and watch the video 50 pushups in 30 seconds. if i can execute that amount in that much time doing 105 or even more is nothing. oh and yea please dont mind i rarely check my messages so didn't know i had a message awaiting me all these years

  2. hey,guy,that is awesome!87 reps and in good form!you have earned my respect and have put properly done push ups out there for others to see how they are done. i salute you, man-love ya!!bobby whitaker

  3. hey,man!very good job on 87 push ups. they all were in proper form, chest lightly touching floor, arms extended all the way on the up. very strict form, these are worthy of army push ups. i salute your effort and toally respect you for this attempt. thanks for posting some good,manly push ups, not girly ones!!coacxh bobby whitaker


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