Complete Benchpress Workout – 120 kg to 170 kg – Penkkipunnerrus

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  1. Excuuuse me 😀 Lifting feet above the bench is called military bench press. It takes away the aid of your core muscles, feet and stability. This makes it harder and heavier to lift. This form is adapted by the military to test the upper body strenght of soldiers and in Finland, it is also an event, which btw I have won two times, with 40 and 41 reps with 72.5 kg. Your post is a fail duuude.

  2. well atleast i learned something, but I find it a lot easier to lift with your feet up than if you have to put it down, and i don't think there is any benchpress competition (professional) where that would be allowed.

  3. and i couldnt do 40-41 reps with 72,5 before you ask, with 75 i can rep 24 times, but my BW is only 66kg, and i train for single reps, from which my best is 120.


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